Gift Ideas For The Yoga-Lover In Your Life

I’m just going to start by saying, NONE of these ideas are sponsored, and I won’t be putting specific brands up to buy. Make the choice based on your specific budget and what color/material you (or they) want. Of course, in my personal opinion, you get MEGA bonus points for eco-friendly material (bamboo, organic cotton, cork, up-cycled material/fill, etc.)! I know you guys don’t want to waste any more time, so without further ado, here are my gift ideas for yoga lovers!

  1. PROPS. Every yogi can always use more props, no matter how “advanced” their practice. Of course, I’d recommend checking with them to see what they’d need, but there’s plenty of options – mats, blocks, straps, bolsters, yoga jellies, wheels, meditation cushions, eye pillows…the list goes on. Again, it’s pretty awesome if you get them in organic or eco-friendly material. Depending on the brand or place you buy them, they could be slightly more pricey, but they’re WORTH. That being said, I’ve used “off-brand” props for a long time, and don’t see a huge difference in quality. Side note: I LOVE cork yoga props (especially for yoga blocks and a yoga wheel).
  2. A subscription to an online yoga journal or service. Now this is where I throw a few names out, just because these are the ones I’ve tried and can say that I LOVE them. Gaia and Yoga International are my favorites, but I’ve also heard from others that YogaGlo is up there too. You can look around and see what these and other subscription-based sites/services offer, but I like Gaia and Yoga International because they offer a mix of yoga classes and educational material. They also put new videos and articles up weekly and/or monthly, just in case you go through the hundreds and thousands of articles and videos they already offer in that time!
  3. Gift card to your local yoga studio. If you know that they’ve either always wanted to try out yoga, or if they’ve been practicing at home and want to do so in a group, or if you know that half of their paycheck goes toward yoga classes, this is another really great gift. Bonus: it helps out your local studio as well!
  4. Private session with a certified yoga instructor. Of course, this one I have to be partial to because I AM a certified yoga instructor who loves teaching privates! But, in all fairness, this is an AMAZING gift for someone who loves to practice, or even someone who hasn’t tried a group class yet. You can get so much deeper into the practice, as well as personalized attention. Think of it like getting someone a massage or pedicure but, like, 10X better.
  5. Online (or in-person!) yoga workshops or certifications. This is great for any level practitioner really, but I would recommend it more for those who are looking to deepen their practice. There are plenty of online programs that help a practitioner do so, but I would also recommend looking into workshops, certifications, and other programs at your local studio as well.
  6. Meditation/Yoga room decor. If you know a little bit about the person’s style, you can always opt for some incense, a candle, an alter (or end table that can be turned into one), crystals, a mala, or even a gift card to a place that sells meditation and yoga space decor.


Hope these ideas helped you out a bit, and I hope your holidays are happy, bright, and fun!


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